Star Chasers Release Slated, Development Underway

Star Chasers, a multiplatform 16-bit 2D sidescrolling platformer, has been given a general release date pertaining to early 2015. This is the first game being created by EighthBit Games and will be self-published to every platform possible.

Development of the game has officially started with asset creationunderway. While you won't be seeing a demo anytime soon, there will be a free version that you will be able to play in browser on our site. We feel the game is not expensive enough to require a 'lite' version. The flash version will be different from the full game in that it does restrict some gamemodes and missions. Star Chasers Flash is planned to be released later than the full game's release.

EighthBit Games Formed, Recruiting

EighthBit Games has been officially formed and contains a team of six. We are still open to recruitment for the company. If you would like to send us an application, please send it this email:

We are setting our limits at no more than ten developers, two musicians, three sound devs, and four artists. We have a musician and five developers at the moment. We hope to see your applications soon!